What does Triple air intake mean?



Wood burners that have a triple air intake have 3 air inlets (surprise!) - the primary and secondary are at the top and bottom, at the front. They are adjustable and you use these every day to regulate the flame.

The third air inlet is usually at the back and always open. Modern stoves have this to improve the burn efficiency and reduce particulate pollution (black smoke).

This means that they are far more environmentally friendly, and you see this often on stoves which have been approved for smokeless zones (passed rigorous defra tests).

Unfortuntely this means you can't shut them down as well as the older stoves in order to keep them in over night - but it's not as bad as people say and they're pretty controllable.

Sometimes when the wind causes a slight downdraft you can get a puff of smoke out the back air inlet- we got this with a Jotul, but it may have been down to bad design.