Are Clearview Woodburners the best?



They're not necessarily the best, but they're a very good make. My grandpa had one and it lasted for years. The glass doesn't usually stay 'clear' for long though! Although they do have a very well designed air flow system which helps to keep the glass clean as long as there is a good draw from the chimney.

It depends on what you want - I like Dovre stoves for large heating and hot water applications, and Morso make very good smaller stoves - eg for log cabins and boats.

Also, Jotul are worth a look - I grew up with one of these and the design and performance are first rate.



I have lived with 2 Clearviews and a good friend has 2 Morsos. I think the Clearview are superior as they light more easily, draw better, are more controllable and give out good heat. The glass stays clear so long as you allow some air and wipes clean easily with newspaper if you don't. Another friend had a Jotul and swapped for a Clearview.
Only problem with Clearview is getting hold of them.
And the cost



I have Aarrow Ecoburns, my family have Clearview.
Both are as good as each other - the clearview ones didn't suit my house decor.
I would say a decent European Made stove is superior, there are a lot of Chinese ones out there, don't be fooled by a European sounding name, make sure it is European made...