Traditional Uses for Ash (the wood)

We all know that Ash is a great burning wood, but what else is it used for? Well, it was traditionally used for weapons because it is tough and flexible - the word Ash originates from the Anglo Saxon word 'Aesc' which means spear. It is one of our toughest native woods, and so has also found applications where this quality is necessary, such as tool handles. It also shapes nicely and is easy to work, and due to it's straight grain and good finish it is used for furniture making.

The Ash tree makes for good burning wood because of it's low moisture content and dense fibres. Ash burns best when seasoned for a year or more, but it is possible to burn it green. This isnt advisable, and the results are not spectacular, but it's good to know that it is at least possible to do.

Ash is also well know for being a fast grower, and also splits very nicely due to the straight grain.